Not Ashamed

The Gospel, or Good News, really is good news for the world. However we who believe the Gospel often find ourselves either a little shy or a little ashamed of it. Join us as we study Romans 1: 16-17 to re-think the transformative power of the Good News, and re-consider the mission of our church. Every Sunday @ 9am.

  1. Aug. 4 - Special Interview of Lead Pastor Andy Lewis

  2. Aug. 11 - Why We’re Ashamed Of The Gospel - Romans 1: 16a - Andy Lewis

  3. Aug. 18 - Not Ashamed Of The Gospel’s Power - Romans 1: 16b - Special Guest: Jeremiah Spears

  4. Aug. 25 - Not Ashamed Of Women & Children - Romans 1 - Special Guest: Kelli Gotthardt

  5. Sept. 1 - Not Ashamed Of The Gospel’s Message - Romans 1: 17 - Andy Lewis

  6. Sept. 8 - Not Ashamed Of The Gospel’s Credibility - Romans 1: 18-20 - Andy Lewis


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