Counting Every Blessing

On Monday I had the sacred privilege of gathering with a few local Santa Cruz pastors. We've met together a few times over the course of this year, to seek spiritual nurture and care under the guidance of a spiritual guide. It's been sweet, and wonderful to meet with other pastor's who aren't faking in any way, sharing their whole hearts and their whole lives with one another so that they might be whole people in their ministry. One of the beautiful moments we had together on Monday was when we shared worship prompts with each other. One led us in a time of listening to a classical piece of worship music, another in a guided time of breathing and listening to God's word, another in a different kind of focused prompt. Each man prompted worship in a different, and quite lovely, way. I thought I'd share with you my prompt. It's this song I've been singing a lot recently. I can get so busy hurrying forward in my "go mode" that when very good things happen I just blast by it, treating it like it's what "should happen," rather than stopping in gratitude to reverence the blessing of God. Just listen to the song and see if it reflects what's on your heart this week.