Feelings On Monday

Mondays are funny days for pastors because it's the day right after so much human interaction at a Sunday worship gathering. Therefore, Monday are usually filled with lots of feelings for pastors, and usually in the extreme. You're either high based on what you feel went well the day before, or you're low based on what you feel didn't go so well. I still remember hearing one of my seminary professors say, "All pastor's feel horrible on Mondays. So don't take Monday's off and take it out on your family. Work on Monday so that you can work through your dark feelings." So I took his advice and I've worked on Mondays, and I've taken Friday's off, ever since I started pastoral ministry.There was one other sage bit of wisdom from another seminary prof. He said, "Feelings don't authenticate truth, but they do authenticate our understanding of the truth." Allow me to translate. What I feel at any given moment does not necessarily square with reality. For example, I may feel like airplane travel is unsafe but that doesn't mean it actually is unsafe. Feelings instead authenticate (or reveal) what we're actually believing, whether or not that belief is true. So when I face, or you face, a Monday loaded with uncomfortable feelings we have to use those bad feelings as an opportunity to explore what we're truly believing, and then if we're way off from what is true, take it as an opportunity to get back to what is true.