Facing Hard Realities

We've heard about the sexual abuse in the Catholic church along with all of their attempts at cover-up. Now we hear about the largest Protestant denomination - the Southern Baptist Church. The Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express News are in the process of publishing a large, three-part, article on the abuses in Southern Baptist churches over the last two or three decades. You can read more about it in this Christianity Today article. I'm tired of the cover ups, and overlooking the abuse of power by people in authority in our churches. The damage it has done to boys who are now men, and girls who are now women, is unfathomable and wholly unacceptable. Though these new findings are hard to hear, and though we will (I know) discover more abuses as time goes by, I'm gladdened that the church, be it Roman Catholic or Protestant, is having an important reckoning. It's time we face the hard reality that very sick people do infiltrate our ministries and places of worship to prey on trusting people and we all - church people and church leaders - must be diligent to protect our people and be transparent about abuse when it happens.