The Radiant Goodness Of God

Our church is working our way through the New Testament letter to the churches of ancient Galatia. Galatians does a beautiful job describing the fact that The Gospel (Good News) is not us performing our way into God's acceptance, nor is it being forgiven by God and He just barely putting up with our presence forever. The Good News is this shattering message that God loves us in the midst of our sinfulness, and that God has concocted this crazy plan - which would wound Him deeply - to bring us back into relationship with Himself. So any person who is vulnerable enough to trust Him for forgiveness and salvation is now permanently placed into the same position of safety and love Jesus enjoys within the Trinity, and if a person rests in that new spiritual reality it transforms them inside and out.Someone recommended to me the movie "The Heart of Man" and I would highly recommend watching it to hear the real-life powerful stories of how this Good News about a radiantly beautiful God renders beauty in very broken lives. It's currently available on Netflix.