Yesterday one of my friends, and members at our church, faced a very difficult experience. During the downpours of this past weekend, the creek beds nearby overflowed and clogged a big drainage culvert. Once it plugged it sent a 2 to 2 1/2 foot high wave of water and silt right at him, almost knocking him over, then hitting his house to finally flow down the street to damage all the other houses. He put out an APB to all of his friends in our church community. It was so cool to see so many people show up to just help out, and blow away my friend's neighbors with how much help he got from his church people.  I got out there scooping up sludge and hauling it away. Everything was fine, and then while I was washing down the walls of their house I happened to turn my lower back in just such a way that a muscle spasmed out - hard. "Are you kidding me!?" I thought. I was there to help out, there to be strong for my friend, and now I had a wall-washing injury. Truly embarrassing. So while all the other real men with strong backs (which I used to think I had) continued to work, I knew I needed to bow out and take care of myself. The good news is that this morning my friend's house in a much better situation, and my back is feeling a lot better. But that tweak in that one muscle in my back is my reminder of my weakness. So I enter today like I have to everyday, offering all of me to God which includes offering my weakness and pain to be used by God as He sees fit.