The Heavens Declare

We had just wrapped up our community group last night and Martin was standing in front of our front door putting on his shoes to leave. Suddenly the door pushed him forward, almost knocking him over, and we heard Adam on the other side of the door. He said, "I'm so sorry but you have to come out here and look at this!!" Adam was getting into the car with his wife Rachel and just happened to look up to see last nights Blood Moon eclipse, and he couldn't contain his excitement. He raced back toward our front door to grab a bunch of us to look at the spectacle and so we all piled outside to look up at the glory of the heavens. Adam & Rachel Nigh, Kelly Hartell, Martin & Dale Scaiano, with Aleta, my son Josh and myself just stood on our front porch in awe of the blood moon eclipse. Except for my ridiculous "this is amazing" comments no one needed me to say, everyone else just stood there in silent awe of the wonder of God's universe. It was stunning, beautiful, glorious and I'm just happy I got to see it. David wasn't kidding when he wrote "The heaven's declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands" in Psalm 19:1