The Blessing Of Being Proved Wrong

About 7 years ago I admitted to a dear, and brave, friend that the kind of church he wanted to plant in Santa Cruz might not resonate with that many people. My friend Rob Patterson had been given a heart and a vision by God to plant an Anglican Church in our city and the church he helped me start 5 years earlier was trying to help him get it planted. Don't get me wrong - I wanted him to do what God was calling him to do but admitted to him that I didn't as deeply connect with the rhythms of liturgy and this made me wonder how many other people would connect with it. I just honestly expressed my concerns for him and his family because I didn't know how many other people would resonate with an Anglican expression of Christian faith.It's such a blessing to be proven so very wrong 7 years later!  Yesterday I met up with Rob and heard one report after another of how God is blessing the work of Redeemer Anglican Church. New people are coming to know Jesus. People who've been hurt and/or not well-served by the church are finding rich community. I don't talk about a lot of numbers (because really how useful is it?) but their church now has 50-60 people coming regularly, with even more coming on some weekends. Apparently God knows exactly what He is doing and I love being proven wrong. May God continue to bless Rob Patterson, his team, and the mission of Redeemer Anglican Church.