Our Church Is *Rich

I sat at the head of our long dining table looking around at the great wealth God has granted to the church where I serve. I marveled at how "rich" we were with God's provision. Aleta and I were hosting our annual staff Christmas party, bringing all of the staff leaders to our home and getting all of us around our table to enjoy laughter and a meal together. As people enjoyed their meal I looked at each person who is on staff, and I thought back to each person who had been on staff in the past, and I thought, "We are a *rich church." Here's what I mean. We are not the biggest attended church. We don't have the biggest building. In fact we don't have a building to call our own. We don't have the biggest budget. But we've had leaders in the past, and we have leaders in the present, who really love Jesus Christ. They want to serve God's purposes with their lives. They seek His face, and they seek to honor Him in their marriages, their homes, their jobs, and in their service to the mission of Faith Community Church. Truth be told. I'm more than fine not being the kind of "rich" church that hits the metrics of the most bodies, buildings, and bucks when I get to work alongside the more important riches of humble, humorous, real godly people pursuing Christ together. Thank you leaders for who you are and for all that you do to honor Christ!