I Think I'm One Of Those Cows

Right now Faith Community Church is in a study of the book of Amos. Man, it can be so easy to preach things at people, but it's not easy to look deep into your own life as you study God's word, and be deeply convicted by the words of an ancient prophet which speak right into your own life. I think I'm actually one of those "cows of Bashan" that Amos rails about in Amos 4:1. It's a commentary on people who aren't directly engineering systems of injustice, but are certainly enjoying getting fat on the privileges that come their way from systemic injustice. If you're interested to hear more, please join us this coming Sunday at Faith Community Church. For now I just want to share something I found in my study this week. I stumbled upon this quote which is very convicting."To live for yourself alone, hoarding your life for your own sake, is in almost every sense that matters to reduce your life to a life hardly worth the living, and thus to lose it.” Frederick Buechner