My Beautiful Concrete

Just look at how beautiful that square piece of concrete is. In my mind that flat monolith is a work of art! It represents a lot of sweat on my part, having to schlep 90 60lb bags of concrete into my backyard, then mixing 71 of those bags in a cement mixer one bag at a time, then schlepping 19 bags back to Home Depot for a return. When you put in that kind of work, you stand back and admire something even when it's just a square chunk of rock. But the real reason this concrete is beautiful to me is because it also represents friendship and help. My friend Toby Kraft was totally willing to drop what he was doing to take even one hour away from work to help me mix and pour this slab. My friend Kevin Moon directed the entire job, and my friend Nathan York just worked hard to help me make it all happen. I am incredibly blessed, and my family is incredibly blessed, to live in community with people who are willing to drop what they're doing to help me with a project that has been overwhelming me. These guys inspire me to be that much more willing to be generous with my time for others.