Transitions Are Hard

Yesterday morning, right after worship, someone in our church asked me, "How are you doing Andy?" They know my tender heart is getting ready to watch another bird fly from our family nest and start college. We're one child closer to an empty nest. It was so kind of them to ask me how I was doing, and the answer is: kinda okay, and kinda not okay. I'm kinda okay because of my great pride in my son, and my eager anticipation of how he will grow and find new friends and new adventures. On the other hand I'm kinda not okay because I'm saying goodbye to a season of life with him that was rich and wonderful. I finished by saying to them, "You know what's the hardest for me right now? Waiting for the change to happen." As a recovering control-freak I don't do transitions very well. I just want the difficult change to happen as fast as possible so that I can get busy making my necessary adjustments. Waiting for that kind of looming transition is not easy for me, and yet it's a place where I need to just sit still with the Lord. I am, once again, being given the opportunity to surrender my control in this transition and be present to God, and to my emotions, and be open to whatever God wants to say, do, or show. Maybe you don't do transitions all that well either. I get it - believe me - I get it.