Dirt Floor Drama

Three years ago I converted a back yard shed into a "she shed" for my daughter. We only have a three bedroom house, and so when she went away to college we tried to give our boys the opportunity to have their own rooms and still give our daughter a landing pad. This shed was a Costco shed that I'd just planned to store tools and stuff, but we just quickly tweaked it into this cute little room. When I made the conversion I did have this thought in the back of my mind, "You know it would probably be best for me to totally change the foundation and sub-floor on this thing first." But I quickly silenced that thought with the reality that I needed to get it done before Thanksgiving. It worked great for 3 years.Recently I noticed the floor kinda getting bouncy. It made me nervous but I put it out of my mind until last week. I opened up the floor hoping for the best news - just a patch job - but discovered the worst news. The entire sub floor was rotten and I had to cut out the entire floor. Now the challenge is even bigger and I'm going to have to find a way to jack up the shed, make a concrete pad, and then drop this one ton room on the new foundation. Easy - as in not. As I was ripping out the floor last week I thought to myself, "If the foundation has a problem, the whole building ends up with problems." This is going to be interesting.