Only Four Weeks

I sit here completely stunned. Last week I learned that one of the people I'd been serving food to at our church's food distribution with 2nd Harvest Food Bank suddenly passed away. Thirty minutes ago I dropped off my daughter's car to get it serviced before she goes back to college. As I was chatting with my neighbor, who does great work on all of our cars, he asked me, "Did you hear the news about Nancy (not her real name)?" I said, "No I didn't. What's up?" He went on to say, "Nancy just found out that she has stage 4 cancer. She's been told there's nothing the doctors can do and she only has four weeks to live?" Four weeks!? Nancy is always healthy, and happy, and so willing to stop at our front yard to talk as she walks her dog. Dear God - four weeks?I'm feeling that lump in my throat this morning as I write this post. I'm sad. I'm mad. I'm reminded all over again how much we all need the grace of God and how much my neighbor's need to be assured of a beautiful eternity. Believe me, I'm going to be praying for an opportunity to reach out to my grieving neighbors and present the hope that I have because of Jesus. Pray with me for boldness and for opportunity. Please use my experience, that I am sharing with you this morning, as your own personal reminder that the people who surround you actually do have eternities that hang in the balance and that God has asked us to share the Good News with them.