Why Can't I Be Good At Something?

When I ask the question, "Why can't I be good at something?" I'm not asking from a deeply depressed state of mind. I don't think of myself as someone who isn't good at anything, because to think that would be an affront to the God who has graced me with a few skills and talents. I guess I should ask the question this way: Why is it that right around the time I gain some skills in my life, things change, seasons change, and the skills I've developed aren't nearly as effective anymore? I'm seeing this so clearly right now as my awesome kids aren't kids anymore. When my kids were born I didn't have a clue about how to be a parent. I struggled to figure out how to be a dad to young kids who deprived me of sleep. Over time I began to figure out how to be a good dad to young kids. Around the time I got good at being a dad to young kids, they changed and became teenagers. So then I struggled to figure out how to deal with human beings whose brains are being pickled with hormones. Right around the time I got pretty good at parenting teenagers, they grew into young adults and I find myself completely out of my element once again. Life just keeps coming at me and I just keep discovering that you either learn or you cave. I really want to be the guy who keeps learning, and I'm finding out that simply means I'm always going to be entering into some new place in my life where I leave behind something I've gotten pretty good at to discover a new area of life, in a new season of life, where I'm going to have to figure out how to be "good." Thank God for the grace He provides to give us what we need in each new season of life.