Tacos And Birthdays

On Saturday night Aleta and I threw a big birthday party for our daughter. She just turned 21 (crazy!) and so we invited the entire crew from her summer camp staff over for a taco-palooza party on our back patio. She's been working hard all summer long at a christian camp where she's been serving God alongside of other counselors. There's a special closeness that comes in that alchemy where friendship and purpose meet each other, and where God is a the center. You can just tell that this team of young men and women have grown so much closer to God, and - in a matter of a few weeks - grown to be very tight with one another. It's a cool thing to see!The best part of the night for me, as her dad, was the moment her friends from the camp staff began to make speeches about what Cassidy meant to them. Who does that? I got to listen as her friends recognized her loyalty, her smile that always made them feel at ease, the way she worked to smooth out difficult situations, and the way she brought people together around the main thing. To hear other people describe their experience of my daughter, and to hear them describe how they see the reality of Christ in her, was a very special treat. I was exhausted from barbecuing chicken and preparing the taco bar party, but as I sat there sipping my La Croix I was truly a happy man.