On Any Given Sunday

Yesterday I got to experience more of the kingdom of God. While one of the people on the preaching team at our church spoke at Faith Community Church, I spoke at my buddy's church. My friend Chuckk Gerwig from Elevation Church, is on a long overdue 3 month long sabbatical this summer. He needs time to renew and reset for the long haul of ministry and I had the honor of speaking to his people as they met in a bar. Yes, they meet at Don Quixote's, which is this local pub/bar/music venue in the Santa Cruz mountains. All of the people I met are lovely people, who love their mission, their pastor and their community of faith.At the end of our time of worship I met a young woman named Sandra (not her real name) and found out yesterday was her first time at Elevation. Her story illustrated to me why it is so important that we plant churches of all different styles, formats, looks, and feels to reach all kinds of people. You see Sandra has just gone through the agony of a divorce after 20 years of marriage. While she had given her life to Jesus years ago, she'd kind of walked away from it all until the tragedy of divorce came her way. She told me that she'd been listening to christian radio and just needed God, and since this church was in walking distance from her house, and was in a bar - she could risk showing up. She cried as she told me her story and I encouraged her to come back to Elevation and to keep seeking after God and then I prayed for her. When I was finished praying she said, "Thank you for coming today and praying for me." Sandra, allow me to thank you for reminding me that on any given Sunday somebody could be joining us in worship who is at a pivotal moment in their life.