Thank You Dads

I know you get made fun of in our culture, and that many TV sitcoms make you out to be the idiot in the room. I know that because of the deadbeat dads, who really hurt their families, our culture actually believes you cannot exist. I also know that your family doesn't mean to but they can overlook how hard you work, and how hard it is to leave a little extra gas in the tank for their sake when you come home from a hard day at work. But I want to say thank you to all of you dads who try, and don't make your family life all about you. I want to thank all of those dads who sacrifice parts of themselves, and their dreams, so that the dreams of their families can become reality. I thank all of those dads who did the hard work of dealing with their own pain from their own wounds so that they didn't perpetuate those same wounds in the lives of their kids. I thank all of those dads who knew that what they could give their kids had limits so severe that they had no choice but to point their kids to a Heavenly Father who would always do a far better job of caring for them. To all of the good dads out there, I salute you for the hard work you've put in to be who you are for your children.