What America Means By "Belief In God"

A Pew Survey just dropped today that provides some rich and very important information about how people in America view God and their belief in God. I highly recommend all of the people of Faith Community Church to take a moment and read this informative article on the Pew survey.Here is just a snippet of the information which brings us great insight into the mindset of the mission field Jesus has planted us in here in Santa Cruz, California, in the US of A: "Even in an era where more of the nation doesn’t ascribe to a higher power at all (10%) or believes in some sort of higher power or spiritual force (33%), a slim majority of Americans (56%) still believe in God “as described in the Bible,” according to the Pew report . . . Sociologist Paul Froese observes, “There are lots of ways to measure beliefs about God. What is so interesting is that most people say that they believe in ‘God,’ yet we don't know what that word means to them. Therefore, looking at what Americans think about God can be very revealing,”