Floating Downstream Or Swimming Upstream

One of the big arguments I often hear from Christians about certain issues of morality is the concern, "We don't want to stand on the wrong side of history." When I hear this concern I often think of G. K. Chesterton's famous observation, "Any dead thing can float downstream." In other words, if our principles, our faith, and our values aren't alive and vibrant we will tend to float limply downstream with the current of history. It often isn't easy to walk with Jesus, and trust that His view over everything (law, relationships, money, sex, and so much more) is what we must submit our wills to over any other claim. But when we're swimming upstream, even against the immediate current of history, it means we're alive and kicking and, out of solidarity with Christ and His love for the world, taking a stand against the world for the ultimate good of the world.