Seasons Come And Go

This past week's family vacation marks the beginning of the end of an era in my life. As one child turns 21 and prepares to graduate from college, another child makes a big life decision about what college to attend in the Fall, and as we enjoyed a big family vacation I realized I may not have many family vacations with all of my kids in my future. It's funny how life works. I remember when it bugged me to make breakfast for all my kids before school. My wife Aleta did so much to care for the kids during the late night hours in those early years of their life, that I tried to let her sleep in a bit and this act of love left me in charge of breakfast. My kids weren't simple cereal eaters (long story). No, my kids each had different things they wanted for breakfast. One wanted eggs with toast, another wanted nothing to do with eggs, still another something else. It honestly used to bug me so much to have to be a short-order cook every day. But you know what? Now my kids mostly make their own breakfast, and I actually find myself sad that I don't make their breakfast anymore. Pretty funny huh?Seasons of life come and go, but as I prepare to say goodbye to the long and meaningful season of raising fantastic human beings, I also prepare myself for the next season. Each new season brings grief over saying goodbye to the goodness of the past season, while it brings joy over what awaits in the next. As Solomon once observed, and The Byrds once sang, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."