It's Taking Too Long God!

Why does God take forever to answer my most important prayers? I'm not sure this is actually true but it does seem that God readily answers my semi-silly prayers for a good parking space, but is agonizingly slow to answer my prayers for someone to leave their lostness and experience salvation. Today I was meeting with a few women from our church, who are committed to learning about how to share the hope of the Good News with others, and we were processing these very questions. It actually does seem as if the more important my heart's cry, the slower God seems to be to answer my prayer. I was thinking about all this and then I remembered this quote I stumbled upon long ago from an 19th century baptist preacher named F. B. MeyerIf God told you on the front end how long you would wait to find the fulfillment of your dreams you’d lose heart. But he doesn’t. He just says, “Wait. I keep my word because in the process of time I’m developing you to be ready for the fulfillment.”