Growing Up Isn't For Sissies

Just the other day I had a great, very honest, text conversation that led to an ever richer phone conversation. I was talking with one of the great, passionate, and godly individuals who has left Faith Community Church in recent years in order to launch an important ministry that is capable of reaching a whole other group of people our ministry isn't equipped to love. He was being really honest about how hard it is to follow God's call, put yourself out there, and lead a new mission for the benefit of others. It's an exciting, refining, awesome and yet very stretching process. Growing up and then investing your maturity in the cause of others isn't for sissies.It's quite a journey when you go from being convinced that the life you're building on your terms is awesome, to then discovering you're really a sinner that's actually building a pile of crap that you're calling "a life." When you go from recognizing you need Jesus as just your Savior, to then letting Him be Lord of your life sometimes only when you happen to agree with Him, to growing up into a pre-commitment that He must be allowed to be the kind of Lord where His brilliance calls the shots in all things, to stepping out into a mission for your life where you cease being a spiritual child anymore and grow up into a spiritual father/mother for others - it isn't a simple or convenient journey . This kind of growth journey is not for sissies, but it is an important journey that has happened in the life of my friend who texted me, and our culture needs it to happen so much more often in the hearts of those who follow Jesus.