Signs Of A Healthy Church

I've been following the posts of another small church pastor named Karl Vaters, who pastors a small church in SoCal. In a recent post he made this healthy observation:

"If numbers aren’t the only way to tell if a church is healthy, what else is there?" I get that question a lot. Mostly from other pastors. And no, they’re not being facetious when they ask it. They truly don’t know the answer. Isn’t that … I don’t know … a little disturbing to anyone? Have we really become so obsessed with statistics that many pastors don’t know what a healthy church looks like, outside of crunching the numbers? It’s not that I’m not opposed to taking church attendance or tracking our numbers. I’m in favor of it. Accurate, relevant statistics can help us see things objectively that we might otherwise be blind to. But just like a lack of numbers can blind us to some critical facts, an obsession with numbers can blind us to essential truths. Not only are numbers not the only way to determine church health, in many situations they’re not even the best way.

Click on this link for the rest of his post, and his list of 28 non-numerical signs of a healthy church.