Is A Small Church A Problem To Be Fixed?

Is a small church a problem to be fixed? I have had my opinions about this question over the years. I have to admit that for some time, though I would say with my mouth "Numbers aren't what matters," I felt in my gut that if I didn't have the numbers something was probably wrong. But let me share with you this insight from Pastor Karl Vater's blog. What do you think about his observations?

"For years I bucked against the idea that I am a small church pastor. Instead of seeing it as my calling, my heart and my passion, I treated it like it was my penalty for not having the skills to be a big church pastor. So I consumed every church growth book and devoured all the '10 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Getting Bigger' lists like they were a prescription for a disease. And if the prescription was to grow your church, the disease must be that the church was small. Or so I thought.

But the antidotes didn’t cure anything, because small churches are not a sickness to overcome, a problem to fix, or a theological error to correct. Being a small church pastor isn’t my penalty for something I’ve done, or am doing wrong. It’s my specialty. My niche. And, since embracing it, it’s becoming an area of great joy and passion – even expertise."

You can read all of Karl Vater's thoughts on this subject at his blog here.