Trying To Be Evocative

I'm sitting here on a Labor Day morning having a little wrestling match inside of myself. Should I come up with a very evocative title and write something funny about some life experience of mine, if I can remember one worth writing? Should I make some bold statement about one of the current issues of our time? The analytics of my blog hosting site tell me that I get the most hits when I do either of those two things. So if I want as many readers as I can get today that's what I need to do. My problem is I that can't think of any funny stories about my life, and I'm just not creative enough this morning to make some bold statement about current events. My other problem is that I started writing this blog as a way of being honest about my human condition and my experience of God. Sometimes that gets me readers, other times - not so much. So do I go for the readers or stay true to why I even started writing this blog? I think I'm going to stay true to why I write this blog and simply admit that I don't have any big thing to say today that's all that interesting or evocative. All I have to say is that I'm grateful to be alive, experiencing God's grace in my life, and enjoying a day off with family and friends. You can't always be interesting.