The Second Best Life

I'm reading a new book "Among Wolves" by inner-city Atlanta pastor Dhati Lewis. In the book he provides this insight from a Teacher and Trainer named Chip Dodd."We will never say 'no' to what harms us until we have something healthy to say 'yes' to. Until there is a replacement, we will continue to accept second best."So here are some questions for Christians to consider: Am I presenting to the world something that looks better than a "second best" existence or something that looks like all the other "second best" versions of life? Does my life look like a healthy enough existence that someone might be interested to experience it for themselves were I to them it all came from my relationship with Jesus? Am I patient in my witness; understanding that it took a certain amount time for me to realize I was in fact living a "second best" life, do I take the long view of the process and continue to pray for others and keep on trying to share the good news?