Destroying Consumption and Production Through Rest

On Monday I shared some great stuff from the book "Sabbath as Resistance." When you actually explore the many things God established for the people of Israel, as they  left their slavery in Egypt behind and entered into the freedom of being God's people, you clearly see that ceasing from striving and consuming were very important issues to God. In fact Brueggeman observes, "YHWH (Hebrew word of Lord God) is a Sabbath-keeping God, which fact ensures that restfulness and not restlessness is at the center of life."I'm surprised to see how God designed this rhythm of rest-and-then-work for His people, this rhythm which demanded that limited consumption and limited productivity go hand in hand if they wanted to be a truly free people - as free as God Himself.  In other words, if you're constantly consuming and constantly producing you will not find rest and you won't be free. Some people are actually pretty good at limited productivity, but not so great at the limited consumption side of the equation. These are the people who are quite good at being very unproductive as they consume more life experiences - more frappuccinos and more online purchases with ever-expanding, easy credit. In the process they evolve into a less than whole person under the frantic pursuit of the next entertaining experience. There is a whole other group of people who are good at limited consumption but not limited productivity. These are the workaholics and misers who can never produce enough and never save enough. The working and the saving are simply never enough! In the process of pursuing the unattainable "enough" they slowly evolve into a less than whole person who must always be working in order to validate their existence. The rhythm of rest-and-then-work has the power to destroy these forms of slavery that hold so much power over our western culture.So take a moment to resist and enjoy your freedom. Take a break, smell the roses, and do it now.