Leviticus As Light Reading

The title of this blog post alone makes it so that if you actually continue reading you win the prize of being the only person curious enough to read on. The least read book in my personal bible is the book of Leviticus. This is for good reason because I'll be honest: it's hard to be inspired by a bunch of liturgical rules, animal sacrifice, barbecuing specifications and prohibitions about molds, skin diseases, and more. I do go into it wondering, "What does this have to do with me?'And yet, right now as I read through Leviticus I'm really being struck in the face with the grave seriousness of sin. You read Leviticus and you quickly see how committed God was to show His people that sin was serious, costly, and damaging. All the rituals of worship and of atonement teach the sober reality of the cancer of sin that we in our western culture are very uncomfortable facing. In addition, all the seemingly silly rules about skin rashes, molds, and human discharges (yes that is in the bible) reveal this complete picture of a God who wants to help His people be - not just spiritually whole - but also emotionally, and physically whole. Interestingly these same truths found in Leviticus point forward when they are viewed in completeness in the New Testament where I see the seriousness and cost of sin in the crucifixion of Jesus in my place. There I also see the commitment God has made through the presence of the Holy Spirit to bring me into spiritual, emotional and physical wholeness.If you finished reading this post, you have my respect. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have a read it either.