God Is Hilarious

God is ever at work in his project of making all things new. He never ceases to amaze me with His hilarious creativity, even in the middle of catastrophes. A dear friend of mine, who is serving M____ refugees in Europe, shared this interesting news report with me.Headline: Muslim Converts Breathe new life into Europe's struggling Christian Churches"Christianity is making a comeback in Europe – and it’s mostly thanks to Muslims, say experts in Islam and faith leaders. A soaring number of Muslims, many of them refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, are converting to Christianity, breathing new life into Europe’s once floundering Christian churches. The Muslims are flocking to various Christian denominations, experts said, including becoming Protestants, evangelical or Catholic. As many parts of Europe are becoming more secular and houses of worship are seeing congregants leave in droves, it is Muslim converts who are reviving struggling Christian churches."  Read more