My Favorite Easter Moment

I could pick the moment I got kissed on the cheek by a member's mom who is facing dementia, the people belting out the song "Happy Day," children dressed up in suits and ties, laughter, the reminder of the Gospel, the musical growth and strength of our worship team, and so many other things. There were lots of great moments celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with my peeps at Faith Community Church yesterday, but there's one that stood for me.When I first walked into the church I saw a 5th grader boy and I said to him, "Happy Birthday buddy!" You see it was a year ago, last Easter, that this young man decided it was time to say "yes" to Jesus' invitation to new life. He's had a hard road of abandonment, and though he was adopted into a great family, he's had a hard time transitioning into a healthy, non-dangerous, family life. But I've seen this young man change in this last year. He got baptized, and he loves to help out. As I walked in on Easter morning he was helping our amazing, behind-the-scenes-get-er-done man Dom Orlando. He was walking around the building unlocking all the doors and greeting people with a smile and a "Happy Easter!" I looked at him as I told him "Happy Birthday" and it was my favorite moment, because it was my reminder of why the resurrection matters. This young man still has long tough road of growth ahead, but Jesus is the hope of change in his life - and my life.