An Appreciation For Those Who Struggle

I know this post is a little weird, but it may not be weird to someone who needs a little encouragement. Over the last few days I've been dealing with this ridiculous bad cold that's going around, and was shared with me by my son. Thanks son! What's fascinating to see is how much my spirit and my body are linked. Not feeling well physically has required far more emotional energy and focus for me to engage the spiritual disciplines I normally engage when I'm feeling good. I've even seen how easily it is to see the world in a skewed way when you just don't feel well - as in when I don't feel very well I just don't see the world very well.Talk about being a wimp! I'm noticing all of this from my experience of a bad cold. What a baby. But honestly my experience of the last few days gives me great empathy for people who are fighting cancer or are trapped in bodies that cannot escape chronic pain, Parkinson's or some other pathetic disease. For those of you who face these kinds of struggles and still find your way towards God, I want you to know that I appreciate and celebrate you. To me, you are a unique champion of God's grace and an example of noble endurance in this world that needs to see more grace and nobility.