Beyond The Logic of Self-Interest

I thought I'd share a great quote, and great insight that comes from a secular source strangely agreeing with the perspectives of Jesus. I left this out of my sermon at Faith Community Church yesterday but read it and see what you think."Love impels people to service. If love starts with a downward motion, burrowing into the vulnerability of self, exposing nakedness, it ends with an active upward motion. It arouses great energy and desire to serve. The person in love is buying little presents, fetching the glass from the next room, bringing a tissue when there's flu, driving through traffic to pick the beloved up at the airport. Love is waking up night after night to breastfeed, living year after year to nurture. Love ennobles and transforms. In no other state do people so often live as we want them to live. In no other commitment are people so likely to slip beyond the logic of self-interest and unconditional commitments that manifest themselves in daily acts of care . . . They [who love] don't even think of loving their beloved because they want something back. They just naturally offer love as a matter of course. It is gift-love, not reciprocity-love." - David Brooks "The Road To Character"