Divisive Politics, Anxiety and The Christian

Good morning. If you haven't subscribed to our new podcast "Truth Seekers Forum" I encourage you to tune in. In our latest episode "Random Questions Part 3: Divisive Politics, Anxiety, and the Christian." A woman named Jane wrote in to us and asked this question: "I don't want to get into who should and should not be president of the United States, but I do wonder how to look at the immediate future of our nation. Right now it really feels like a divided nation that skews right on one side and left on the other, and followers of Jesus are in both camps. I guess my question is this; what does the bible say about my anxiety over this division and how can I be a part of uniting rather than dividing?"Host Devin Kleffer, myself and Dr. Adam Nigh weigh in on the conversation. Give it a listen, and see what you think about the topics we address in answering the question.