What Do Christians Actually Believe?

More often than not, Christians are known in our culture for what we're against. You can easily get the idea that the "abundant life" Jesus says He offers to people is really just a life of saying "no" to everything. This common understanding of the Christian faith is quite sad to me. In reality, following Jesus is about so much that is good, beautiful and life-giving. But what is it that Christianity is actually for? What is this faith in Jesus about? If you're interested, let me point you to a new set of podcasts I've done with host Devin Kleffer, and Theologian Dr. Adam Nigh. In a series of 5 podcasts titled "Apostles Creed" Parts 1-5, we discuss the core essentials of what Christianity has been from the beginning, and is still about to this day. See what you think at Truth Seekers Forum