Leap Day

It was on this day five years ago. Actually it was on February 29th, which only comes around every leap year, but five years ago my mom made her way to her eternal home leaping into the arms of Christ. I'm thinking about her today as our family faces the reality of another goodbye.My wife, Aleta, is hopping into our car this very morning to drive down to Pasadena to say her goodbye's to her dear Uncle Gene. Uncle Gene has, in many ways, been almost more of a grandfather figure to Aleta. He was raised in the Catholic stream of our faith, and has a trust in Christ as His Savior. As I type these words I'm distracted by so many thoughts. Thoughts about my own goodbyes with my Mom, thoughts about the eternal home Jesus has prepared for us, and thoughts about Uncle Gene and his precious wife Jan. Today I am distracted, but in the middle of the distraction is this great joy and great hope. I have great joy because of the love I know surrounds Gene and the extended Moscaret family today as he prepares to go home. I also have great hope for what awaits all who have placed their faith in Jesus. I know I try to say interesting things in this blog out of a joy in writing, but today this is about all I've got to say. If you think of it please pray for Aleta's safe travels and for Gene's home-going.