A Deeper Look At Systemic Racism

Sadly far too many of us white folks remove ourselves from the conversation about racism with silly "What? My black friends love me" dismissals. In fact, people like us who live in a more progressive, PC-ville place like Santa Cruz California think of ourselves as "so past the evils of the racist south." A140626092557-civil-rights-protest-file-large-169nd yet, because we have never been black, and we've never been part of any left out class, we don't really understand the issues and the power of systemic racism - the kind of racism that goes beyond merely not liking a certain class of people due to the color of their skin.Last week I watched this very good video about this issue and thought I would share it with you. Take the next nine minutes to watch this video interview between two influential American pastors: Bishop TD Jakes an African-American chats Bill Hybels a white American. Click on the following link where in this video these men explore some things I'd like my readers and the people of my church to consider carefully.