Tears, Song, Joy And Clarity

All I was doing was driving along Graham Hill road listening to a new worship mix. I was blasting and singing the song "Cornerstone" (based on the old hymn "My Hope is built on nothing less").  When the song got to the chorus, I started wailing out at the top of my lungs, the lyrics: "Christ alone / Cornerstone / Weak made Strong in the Savior's love / Through the storm / He is Lord of all - He's Lord of All." Truthfully, I have to say that even my harmony was kindinexpressible_joy of a big deal! As I sang, my mind flooded with the goodness of God in my life, the hope of heaven, the faithful people who have preceded me home to heaven, my wife, my kids, and my church and I just began to cry tears of immense joy. Sure this world is filled with many sad things, troubling things I'm facing even as I write this blog, and yet - God has been so remarkably good. I LOVE moments of clarity like that moment in my car, because in those moments I know I'm actually tracking with the reality of God's good reign in this broken world and in my life. I hope this week of Thanksgiving will be a week where you too will have these clear, whole mind-body-spirit moments of tears, song, joy and clarity! Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear readers. I won't be posting anything else the rest of this week in order to enjoy more time with family. Catch you next week!