God's Word And A Long Gone President

Man it has been quite a ride with a lot of venom, a lot of fear, emails on servers, inappropriate conversations defined as "locker room talk," and very little substance ontheodore-roosevelt the the issues we face as a country. Our long strange election season has finally come to an end. America has voted, and Donald Trump will serve as our next President. Some who read this blog are celebrating while some are grieving, angry, and maybe even anxious. Whoever you are, and whatever state you find yourself in mind and heart, on this post-election day I think it is vital that all of us remember two important things.God's Sovereignty: The Bible is very clear in Romans 14:1 "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established."Working Together: American President #26, Teddy Roosevelt, reminded this nation long ago of the same truth it needs to understand today. "It is only in this way, by all of us working together in a spirit of brotherhood, by each doing his part for the betterment of himself and of others, that it is possible to solve the tremendous problems with which as a nation we are now confronted."Now we move forward trusting in God's ultimate control, working together to "form a more perfect union."