One Vote That Will Prove Wrong

I know I got your attention with my little headline "One Vote That Will Prove Wrong." No I'm not going to write some diatribe about how Jesus hates Democrats and all that they stand for, nor am I going to write a diatribe about how Jesus hates Republicans and all that they represent. Jesus' kingdom is not, and never has been, of this world. There are convictions found in both parties that reflect theEarly Voting Begins In Iowa For Presidential Election kingdom of God and there are convictions in both parties that are anathema to Jesus' kingdom. To me that means there is only one kind of "wrong vote" in this election. It is the decision to not vote at all. Now I don't mean that in some parts of the ballot one chooses, after prayerful consideration, to withhold ones vote as a conscientious act of objection. What I do mean is that even though this is one of the ugliest, and maybe hardest ballot to wade through, the one thing we cannot do is vote at all. Please, let's all be good citizens by reading our ballot as carefully as we can, praying about our vote, and then casting a vote that represents our prayerful and wise consideration.