Let Me Grab Your Attention

You know what's funny? My blog says that it's "a conversation at the intersection between God and the human experience." Today I just watched this very sad video of two hyper-huge YouTube stars who got married and are not getting a divorce and sharing their very private pain all too publicly in separate videos. Let me say Tattentionmarketing_crop380wMI! At the same time, I've been noticing which of my blog postsget bigger readership and which ones don't. To put it plainly, when I tell a story about someone stealing my plywood at Home Depot it gets a lot of readers, but when I write something that's theological or something deep about God, my readership plummets back to about 10 people. Isn't that interesting?What's even more interesting is that this raw blog-data could lead me to decide that I need more readers more than I need to write what I feel led to write. I could write to grab attention rather than write to process my own "intersection between God and the human experience." That could lead me to have come up with funnier stories, crazier stories and maybe even stories that aren't all that true just to get more readers. It could lead me into territory I saw in the tortured YouTube star I saw baring her soul to her audience.I made a promise to myself when I began writing this blog. I said to myself, "I will write as a way to be honest and way to describe my own journey through life with a God who possesses great humor, compassion and grace. I will not cease to write if no one reads. I will not write what gets me the most readers." That's what I decided to do and still choose to do, but I'll admit it's still a temptation to grab more attention!