No Smartphones In Heaven

89849257ea6fb7784cf4bde030d5518aThis last weekend I discovered something about heaven. I don't mean that I actually saw heaven, but I do mean that I had an experience that felt like a slice of heaven. Last weekend our church had a giant camp-out together at Big Basin State Park. Beautiful place! The people I spent my time with were even more beautiful! All of us were in this rare bubble where you couldn't get any Wi-Fi or 4g connection. We were totally off the grid, and because we were off the grid we just hung out from Friday night to Sunday morning. Because we had no smartphones to distract us and because we didn't have the hectic pace of normal life to pull us away from being fully present to a moment, we were just able to spend time learning about one another. The people who've been at Faith Community Church for years always grow deeper in their knowledge of one another - they learn some new funny or meaningful story from friends they've known for some time. The new people find their way into funny and meaningful conversations that help them find friendships and connection in their new community. The little kids run around with sticks, and rocks that become swords and guns and walking sticks in their imagination as they run around and just have a blast together. We've been doing this camp-out for four years and every time we camp, it feels like I'm experiencing a little slice of what heaven is going to be like.