That's Not A Cat!

Yesterday morning I went out to my front yard to roll my garbage and recycle bins back to the house. It was right around daybreak as the sun was rising. As I was rolling the bins I saw what looked like a black cat with some white i1283174-best-animals-wallpaper-striped-skunk-1283174n its tail walking across the street from my neighbor's house. I thought, "I don't think I've seen that cat in this neighborhood before." The small creature walked into my front yard and went the side of the front of my house. After putting the bins back I went over to take a look. I immediately saw that I wasn't dealing with a cat - it was a skunk. It's hysterical how fast there was this rush of adrenaline in me as that little "cat" started to come towards me. I got out of there as fast as a cat to avoid being sprayed at daybreak.My little encounter made me wonder - How often have I explored other "cats" in my life, not recognizing them for what they really were or for the dangers they contained, only to end up finding myself being sprayed? Yeah, I have to admit I've chased a few "cats" that turned out to be skunks. Anyway, I hope you can recognize the skunks in your path before you get sprayed today!