Storage Madness!

declutter_different_types_of_storage_units_1345573396Last weekend Aleta and I had the pleasure of moving our daughter into her new college apartment as she begins her second year of college. Over the summer we had to store some of her stuff, and her future roommate's stuff, in a storage unit. It hurt my soul to have to pay $100 a month for a 6 x 12 storage area. But you do what you gotta do.On Thursday we pulled in to get Cassidy's stuff out of storage and saw a huge group of people standing outside the storage facility office. "Oh no!" we thought, "We don't have time to deal with a long line of people if we forget our pass code." Sure enough I tried every number I could think of, but I forgot our pass code that would give us entry into the front gate. So I had to go to the office, totally certain I would be waiting in a long line. However, to my surprise all those people were just hanging around outside and I walked right in, got the pass code, and we were in business. As I walked to my car I wondered, "What in the world are these people doing here in front of a storage facility?" I found out when we left. As we drove off a nicely dressed man was walking into the facility with bolt cutters, followed by that strange assortment of people who'd been hanging around the office out front. There was going to be a Storage Wars bid-fest for people's abandoned stuff inside that storage unit.As we drove away, Aleta, Cassidy and I were tripping out over how weird that actually is. Think about how weird it is to live in a country where people pay other people a lot of money to store their extra crap, and then when they get so over the tips of their skis financially, they have to abandon their crap, and then other people make a living - make a living - off of scouring people's abandoned storage crap. The whole level of that kind of consumption is just sheer madness to me. Anyway, it was a good reminder to me that I need to live simply and not consume so much stuff.