Turning The Ordinary Into Danger

 Little kids always find a way to turn the ordinary into the dangerous, the magical, and the adventurous. This last week our local church installed a decorative 3-foot high perimeter fence around our corner lawn area. Every Sunday after worship we all hang out at what we call "linger longer" which is just a great time for kiddos to run around, and people to connect with each other and share their lives over coffee. For years our parents have created spontaneous tag-team defense squads to protect their kids from running out into the busy streets. Why? Because, as I said, kids always find a way to turn the ordinary into the adventurous.Yesterday, I announced in worshi114854863p that we had the new fence. My announcement was met with a big cheer, and then I said, "You watch. Someone's kid is going to find a way to show us how unsafe that fence really is!" It got a big laugh and within an hour I was proven correct. Within the first few minutes of linger longer one of the kids discovered that the top of the fence rail was a fantastic, and very long, balance beam. Instantly he become "The Amazing Wallenda." He began to walk on this majestic balance beam in view of all his adoring friends. At that moment all the parents began to laugh because, of course, one of our kids had found a way to make a safety fence into a dangerous adventure.Here's the thing. As I get old I find myself trending towards moving away from danger and adventure rather than seeking it out like a little child eager for play. Yesterday's fence walker reminded me that I want to grow more and more into the heart of a child as I follow Jesus, one who moves toward adventure eager for play in the kingdom of God.