I Don't Like Summer

photo-1414490929659-9a12b7e31907I guess my title is little over the top. I don't exactly dislike summer. I guess I'm just finding that as a recovering control freak I really thrive on the regular rhythms of the school year. I find equilibrium in the predictable rhythms of when we get up, when we go to work or school, when we get home, share dinner and go to bed. Summer comes along and messes everything up. When is everyone getting up? Is everyone going to get up? Who needs to be where, at what time? When do we pack? How long will we be there? So many questions every day, and every new day is filled with surprises. "Surprises" is the key word.There is something beautiful about the regular, predictable rhythms of life during the school year. Fall, Winter and Spring is loaded with stuff I often know is coming - things that give me a sense of balance, pace and purpose. Much of that disappears in the summer and it's replaced by constant, wonderful, unplanned surprises. Summer is loaded with stuff that I don't know is coming; late night movies, walks in the staggering beauty of new spaces of creation, deep talks about deep things, laughter, popcorn, friends dropping in from out-of-town, and the list could go on.In the end, I guess it's not accurate to say, "I don't like summer." It's more accurate to say, "I'm adjusting to the new unusual rhythm of frequent surprises in the summer." Enjoy the surprises!