Clarity And Faith

Faith in God is not a blind leap, but it isn't as clear and concrete as a math formula either. Is there any "clarity" in our faith in God when we truly face a deeply complex and messy world?I love Eugene Peterson's answer: "The clarities of faith are organic and personal, not mechanical and institutional. Faith invades the muddle; it does not eliminate it. Peace develops in the midst of chaos. Harmony is achieved slowly, quietly, unobtrusively - like the effects of salt and light. Spraying-hands-1379173607ePZuch clarities result from a courageous commitment to God, not from controlling or being controlled by others. Such clarities come from adventuring deep into the mysteries of God's will and love, not by cautiously managing and moralizing in ways that minimize risk and guarantee self-importance. These clarities can only be experienced in acts of faith and only recognized with the eyes of faith." - - Run With The Horses