Is It All About "Getting Better" All The Time?

"Nothing could be farther from the truth than the facile belief that God only manifests Himself in progress, in the improvement of standards of living, in the spread of medicine and the reform of abuses, in the diffusion of organized Christianity. The reaction from this type of theistic meliorism [the belief that the world can be made better by human effort], which a few years ago had almost completely supplanted the faith of Moses, and Elijah, and Jesus among modern Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, is now sweeping multitudes from their religious moorings. Real spiritual progress can only be achieved through catastrophe and suffering, reaching new levels after the profound catharsis which accompanies major upheavals. Every such period of mental and physical agony, while the old is being swept away and the new is still unborn, yields different social patterns and deeper spiritual insights." - William Foxwell AlbrightI honestly wish this quote wasn't accurate, but I have to admit it's very accurate. Though I wish that delicious info and delicious experience leads to depth of heart, the truth is desperate hours is the thing that leads to my depth of heart. What do you think?