Cheering For Me In A Bar

Last Saturday night my band Man In Black got to do a 30 minute opening set for Hall Pass at Michael's on Main in Capitola. It was a fun night, not only because we were playing the Johnny Cash standards everyone loves, but also because the Golden State Warriors were playing for their championship lives on TV. While we played our songs, the Warriors battled back. While we played we heard cheers. Was that cheer for us or the Warriors? It was hard to tell. In the middle of  songs I'd hear someone yell, "Yes!" Was that "Yes!" because of the song we were playing, or because of something the Warriors had just done? It was hard to tell. Maybe we were just killing it and people were loving what we were doing. Again, it was hard to tell.When we finished our set, and there were 3 minutes left in the game, people begged us to  play an encore. Band openers don't play encores, but everyone - including Hall Pass - wanted us to play and encore. Was it because they couldn't get enough of us, or because the game was so close? It began to be clear that most of the cheers and the call for the encore was all because of the Warriors. Years ago that would have bugged me, even hurt me to the core, but with a little age and maturity on my side - on this night it was just fun. So we played an encore song, did an extended harmonica solo, and then called it a night at just about the time the Warriors were wrapping up a win. As we wrapped up people genuinely gave us applause at the same time they gave the Warriors applause.It reminded me of the line in the bible that says "Christ in you the hope of glory." The fact is if there ever is anything in my life worthy of cheering it's all because of what Christ has done or is doing through me. In reality, Christ is the one being cheered when there's anything beautiful to be said about my life and when I'm comfortable with that fact it's just as fun as it was Saturday night at the bar when people were really cheering for something other than me.