I'm An Idiot. Seriously! Part II

In a previous post entitled "I'm an idiot - Seriously" I wrote about how I had mis-named someone at a local restaurant for an embarrassing number years. Last Friday morning Aleta and I had breakfast at the Spur again and we ran into "Pie." We had a lot of laughs about how people name their waiters and waitresses. So I asked him, "What is your real name?" His real name is Alfredo. The mystery continued. "Alfredo!?" I said. So I asked him, "Why does the staff that works with you call you 'Pie'?" He smiled and simply said, "I have no idea. They just do and I just let them call me whatever they want to call me." Then Aleta asked, "What are the names that customers have given you?" He smiled again and said, "Oh people call me Alejandro, Steve, Pie, and Mike mostly along with a bunch of other names. And they sincerely believe those are my names." Just hysterical to me.It reminded me again of what I wrote in my previous blog post, "People in this broken world see us the way they see us, then they name us the way they choose to name us, and finally they treat us the way they think our name deserves."